My Conversion Story: Part 2

…It didn’t make much sense. Until I met an elderly gentleman at work. We soon became good friends. We would talk about many different subjects until one day he asked me if I had ever read the bible for myself, I said no. This time because of the age of the gentleman I decided not to argue with him. He asked me if he gave me one whether or not I would read it, I said sure. He brought me a bible and gave it to me. That night I went home and threw the bible on the bed and didn’t give it much thought. One day out of sheer curiosity I decided to randomly open the bible and read a page or two, It opened up to the gospel of Matthew chapter 5, and I began to read what is commonly called the “sermon on the mount”. All of a sudden there came a presence in the room that could be felt and as I began to read, everything I was reading penetrated into my heart. I read two chapters and closed the book. The presence in the room was so strong that it brought an overwhelming sense of awe. Again as time went on I began to experience a supernatural sense of draw to the bible. Every day I couldn’t wait to get home and read my bible, and the more I read it the more I desired it. Until one day I was reading the gospel of John chapter 15 verse 16, and it read, “You did not choose me, but I choose you…” That phrase jumped out at me in such a way that it is hard to describe even now. “You did not choose me, but I choose you,” I kept thinking about that statement over and over again. I wasn’t looking for him and  had no interest in him, but he was the one  looking for me and had an interest in me. I was in such an awe and amazed at how all of these years he had his hand on me and guided me even though I had no knowledge of him and didn’t even care. He choose me and was mindful of me. I began to ponder over my life, all the events and the people that came  into my path were all part of a great plan to bring me to this moment in time for Jesus to reveal himself to me. I knew he was real and there is something special about him, and the bible. Suffice to say shortly after this experience I began to have such a desire to become a Christian that nothing else really mattered much. It seemed as if all my questions didn’t bother me anymore and everything began to make sense, and soon after I became a Christian…

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