Too much, too fast

During my first years as a Christian I had the opportunity of listening to sermons on books of the Bible by famous Biblical teachers. This was a great blessing because I would go through the Bible rapidly and glean insight through their teaching. Looking back now on my Christian journey I see a danger in having shallow growth. When you get too much knowledge to fast, you can become deceived in thinking you are further than you really are. It may appear that you have learned a lot, but this kind of knowledge is primarily head knowledge. It’s a mere accumulation of facts, rather than experiential knowledge.  We can develop a sense of pride and arrogance because we think we have excelled above others in the same amount of time. We can also assume a leadership position and teach others without having put into practice what we are telling others to do. There is a wisdom in going through the scriptures slowly, trying to fully understand its concepts, principals, directions and commands. After we fully understood its concepts and principals, to meditate on them until we have formed a mental picture of those concepts and principals. After we have developed a mental image and are able to “see” its truth, then the application becomes apparent. The key to growth is this kind of understanding. The kind of understanding where the truth of God goes from our heads into our hearts. Then the truth is not only in our heads, it is part of our being. The next step is putting this understanding into our lives. In doing so, our lives will become transformed and take the shape of God’s truth. Next time when we speak about this concept or principal our knowledge would be based on a personal experience rather than head knowledge alone. Someone once said, ”A changed mind can change minds, but a changed life can change lives” . Ultimately, that is what we desire, a changed life and to help others achieve the same by the grace of God.

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