Rabbit Trails

When we first become Christians, one of the areas that we need to be aware of is one of misplaced focus. Most of us in the beginning follow the example of the people we fellowship. We embrace what our church considers to be important. In my early years, the church I attended placed a high emphasis on the subject of bible prophecy. We would have discussions on prophetic subjects and follow closely the events that point to their fulfilment. I became so interested on the subject that all I could think about was bible prophecy. It became the center of my Christian life. I would go to seminars, read books, and talked to other Christians about the subject. A few years later, I began to examine my Christian life and noticed that I hadn’t changed much. I studied the bible, but was not being transformed and my life reflected that lack of change. This was not only my experience, but others who I fellowshipped with as well. I came to the conclusion that even though the subject of bible prophecy was very interesting and has a place in our Christian experience it ought not to be the center of our pursuit, especially in the beginning. I began to ask other Christians what they focused on in the beginning of their Christian life. Some said on gifts of the Spirit and manifestation of the “supernatural “. Others placed a high emphasis on “speaking in tongues” and “super natural healings”. These subjects have a place in our Christian growth, but when it became the focus early on they can become rabbit trails. We can go on for years and miss what is ought to be the center of our Christian life. If we ask 10 Christians what we should pursue early on we could get 10 different answers. In the book of Galatian 4:19, Apostle Paul goes on to say that he is in anguish until “CHRIST BE FORMED IN YOU”. His aim for the Galatians was for them to become like Jesus. The goal of a Christian life is to become a reflection of Christ. It is to be his ambassadors and servants in this world. This should be our focus from the beginning. Often, churches and pastors feel like if they focus on topics like prophecy that this would make people excited about God and create a fervor in them. Unfortunately, these things might excite our minds and create awe in us but it will not affect our hearts in the long run. What has been the focus of your Christian journey? Are you becoming more like Jesus or pursuing something that you may find more exciting? We may be well served if we reflect on our Christian life and its priorities. In the future articles we will go in debt into the subject of Christian growth. But here I want to caution you to examine the direction of your Christian life. Are we going down a rabbit trail or becoming more like JESUS.

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