Why We are so Water-Down?

Recently Pastor/Evangelist Greg Laurie had an interview with Christian post. In this interview Pastor Laurie said that “the water-down mainline Christianity is a sign of the end times”. The interviewer went on to ask Pastor Laurie, “Do you believe that it is more urgent than ever for Christians to share the gospel and lead non-believers to Christ”? Pastor Laurie went on to answer this and other questions. There are two statements here that are worth our consideration. 1st. why the mainline Christianity is so water-down? Most of us have read statements, heard reports in regard to mainline churches that have shocked us. I for one am amazed how far away we have gone from historical Christianity. In your judgment what has gone wrong? How did we end up here? The 2nd statement is in regard to sharing the gospel and leading unbelievers to Christ. The phrase “Christians….leading unbelievers to Christ” is worth our scrutiny and examination. Properly answering these two questions may hold the key to understanding why we are so water-down. Please join us as we probe to find the answers to these questions on our next posts.

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