Does God Have The Right?

A few months ago I was having a discussion with a gentleman who was very anti- God. He asked me if I believed the biblical narrative of the flood. I said yes, he then went on to say “how can you believe in a God who does that”. I asked him whom these people’s lives belong to? He gave me a puzzled look and asked me what I meant by that? I said, do you think God has committed an atrocity by putting all of those people to death? The question is, who do those people’s lives belong to? Did it belong to themselves or to God? He didn’t know how to answer that question. He felt like God had no right to take away those people’s lives and by doing that he has committed genocide. The common mistake that most of us make is to think that our lives belong to ourselves. The question we need to ask ourselves is this, how did we come to be? Did we create ourselves? Did we will ourselves into existence? I said to that gentleman, from my point of view, God is the one that gave life to human beings. He gave life to the first human beings and enabled them to procreate. He is the one that put life into their mortal bodies and if he decides to take that life, what evil has he committed? Doesn’t he have the right to do as he pleases with what is his? If we were created by another being or somehow came to be as a result of our own will and God would put us to death, then he has done wrong. He has taken something that does not belong to him. But if he takes something that is his to begin with, he has done no wrong. When we take a life we commit a crime, because we have taken something that does not belong to us. All souls belong to God, if he decides to take the life of every human being on planet earth, he has committed no evil. Most of our misconceptions about God is the result of wrong thinking. We Christians never need to make excuses for God or try to reinvent him in order to make him appear better in the eyes of the unbelievers. We need to think about the questions that are posed to us and try to articulate an answer in light of who God is. We should never try to change God in order to please  people. When we do that we are creating a God that is not real and the real God would appear extreme. If we don’t have an answer to the questions that people pose to us, it is better to say I don’t know the reasons why God did that, rather than be ashamed of our God.


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