Moving Away From The Traditional Family

The face of the American family has changed over this past 50 years. We don’t seem to see many traditional families any more;

According to the Pew Research:

  • The percentage of children under 18 living with parents in first marriage, with stay at home mother and working father in 1960’s were 50% in 2014 14%.
  • Percentage of U.S. children living with two married parents in their first marriage        1960          1980         2013
  •   73%             61%           46%
  • Percentage of children living with single parents
  • 1960           1980          2013
  • 9%               19%          34%
  • Unmarried couples living together: Adults ages 30 – 44, 7% in 2009, it has doubled since mid-1990.
  • Women ages 19 to 44 – 58% have lived with an unmarried partner in 2006 thru 2008, up 33% among comparable group in 1987.

There are some good news in regard to divorce rates. Divorce rates actually have come down a little bit which is good. But there is definitely a trend toward co-habitation and away from traditional marriage. People seem to make these decisions more on the basis of practicality rather than what is right or wrong. We want to turn our attention to the subject of marriage. In the upcoming articles we will look at the subject of marriage and try to offer an alternative to the trend.

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