Her Needs

Over the years I have spoken to many women regarding the subject of marriage. I would ask them “what are some of the things you wished your husband would be more mindful of?” These are some of the things that were mentioned by the ladies.

  • Providing financial security and being responsible.
    One of the primary concerns for most women is being financially secure. I think husbands should try their best to be responsible and provide for their family.
  • Follow through with what you say.

Do what you say and follow through with your promises.

  • Pay attention to the things I tell you.

Sometimes men have the tendency to not pay attention to what their wife is telling                them. Later on she will say I told you this about a week ago and the husband would                 have no idea what she is taking about.

  • When I am talking about something don’t be so quick to provide solutions, listen to me, maybe all I need from you is to listen and not to give solutions.
    Many ladies have told me; sometimes I just want to talk to my husband about a situation. I am not looking for a solution I just want someone to listen. Don’t be so quick to offer advice or solutions. Try to be a good listener.
  • Don’t be harsh and domineering.
    Never treat your wife harshly or be domineering. This usually leads to resentment and hard feelings. Always be loving and tender toward your wife.
  • Allow some time for both of us.
  • Make sure you have some time just for you and your wife. Do the things you used to do. Be the way you used to be.
  • Be understanding in regard to intimacy.
    This is an area that you both need to come to an understanding. Stick to what you both agreed on and if it’s not working talk about it.
  • When I come near or embraces you it doesn’t mean I want to be intimate.
    Many ladies have expressed to me that their husbands want to be intimate every time they show affection.
  • I need to have some personal time.

Make sure she has some time to herself, most ladies need a little time to themselves. This allows them to “get away for a while” and be able to refresh themselves.

  • Value the things that are important to me.

Pay attention to the things that are important to her. Try to be interested in them and be mindful of them.

  • Plan some fun activities.

Try to plan some activities for just the two of you. These activities don’t have to be costly. Simple things that you can do together. This will allow you to have some time together and break the mundane routine of life.

These are some of the things that were mentioned to me by women over the years. You may be able to add to this list, but at least this gives us a glimpse into what they wish we would pay attention to.

May the Lord be with you all.

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