In The Fullness Of Time

I was recently reminded of how the Lord works in time. I was praying for a friend to change his direction and be drawn to Christ. I prayed and prayed without seeing any hopeful sign. Until recently.

All of sudden this friend is beginning to take positive steps and moving in the right direction.

Have you ever prayed for something or someone for a while without seeing any change? I think most of us have.

The Lord works in time, He has a set time for everything and when the fullness of time comes He will act.

In Galatian 4:4 we read “but when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son…” in another words, when the completion of time had come, God sent forth his son.

The Lord had a set time for sending his son into the world. Jesus’s coming was not arbitrary, it was set by the Father.

The Lord works in the same way in our lives. He has a set time for the events of our lives. These events would not come to pass until the appointed time. But when the appointed time is at hand it seems like everything comes together.

Our natural tendency is to want to see things gradually go in the right direction. When this does not happen and we rationally can’t see how it could happen, it’s very easy to lose hope and get discouraged.

Have you been praying for a loved one or a situation to change? Don’t lose hope, maybe all you need is to wait for the fullness of time.

Don’t fall into the trap of the natural way of thinking. Don’t get discouraged just because you don’t see a gradual change. Trust the Lord, be patient and in the fullness of time you will see the salvation of the Lord.


May the Lord be with you all





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