For You There Is A God

Last week I overheard a conversation between two young ladies regarding the existence of God. The first lady believed there is a God and was giving her reasons for the existence of God. After a while the second lady said, “If you believe there is a God then for you there is one, but I don’t, so for me there is none”.

Have you ever heard this statement?

In today’s world, most people believe that truth is relative. There is no such thing as absolute truth, so if you believe something, for you that is true and real. But that does not make it true for someone else.

There is a problem with this understanding of the truth. It violates the law of non-contradiction. The law of non-contradiction states that a contradictory statement cannot be true in the same sense at the same time. In another words, we cannot make a contradictory statement regarding the existence of God and believe that both statements are correct.

Either there is a God or there is none. There cannot be a God and no God at the same time. If God exists, it doesn’t make any difference if I believe in him or not. My not believing in him does not make him go away, or bring his existence to an end.

At the same time if there is no God, no amount of me believing in one will bring him into existence. It simply means that I am delusional. I believe in something that is not real.

In our day, we think we can all have our own truth and just because we believe it, it makes it real. In some personal cases there may be a place for applying truth in such a way, but we should always keep in mind the law of non-contradiction.

May the Lord be with you all


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