This week I was meditating on the unfixable circumstances that come into our lives. It seems like whether you are a Christian or not, sooner or later we all face situations in our lives that seem to be unfixable.

These circumstances come to people in different forms. For some it’s a son or daughter who is going the wrong way, for others its health issues, or constant financial hardships.

Some of these situations are caused by our own doing, but most of the times it seems like these circumstances come to us without us causing them. Whichever way they come, it seems like there is no solution for them.  

In the beginning we think we can correct this. All we need is to figure out a solution. So we talk to friends and loved ones and we may even get excited about a possible solution. But to our disappointment it doesn’t solve the problem.

Eventually we come face to face with the reality that this situation is not going to get resolved by one more statement from us, Or one more action that we haven’t tried yet. But it seems to be unsolvable.

When these scenarios present themselves we go through a wide range of emotions. What are we going to do? Why would a loving God allow something like this? We cannot honestly see how anything good can come out of this, so why doesn’t God miraculously fix the situation? I could handle anything else but this.

After meditating on these unfixable situations I came up with some thoughts that may be of some benefit to us.

First: why these situations present themselves in our lives? Second: how we should face them.

Why do these situations present themselves into our lives?

  • The unfixable situations leave their imprint on us.

2cor. 1:9 “indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God…”

The unfixable situation makes us see our inability to meet the challenges of life by ourselves. It has a way of humbling us and makes us see our deficiencies to meet the challenges of life.  There is no other way to learn this lesson except going through an unfixable situation.

  • The unfixable makes us become fit to be used by God.

2cor. 1:6 “if we are afflicted, it’s for your comfort and salvation”.

These unfixable situations make us become fit to be used by God. They create in us the right kind of attitude, an attitude that is not arrogant, but gentle and kind. An attitude that conveys compassion because we have experienced the same thing. Many times the people that the Lord uses the most he hurts the most. Not because He takes pleasure in seeing them hurt, but to make them ready to become the right kind of people. We also come to an understanding that knowledge alone is not enough, but personal experience and right attitude would go a long way to help others in the hand of God.

How should we behave during an unfixable situation?


  • The Lord knows what we are going through

We need to remember that the Lord knows and sees what we are going through. During these times it seems like there is a silence from God. We don’t hear or see anything and wonder where God is in all of this. Does He care? If He does why doesn’t He come to our aid? Trust the Lord whether you see or hear anything. We need to be able to rely on the Lord not because we see a sign or sense his presence. Rather because of who He is. We walk in life based on trust in God not on what we sense.

  • Most of the time the Lord doesn’t change our situation quickly.

In order for these situations to have their intended effect they need to go through their appointed time. Sometimes there are no quick fixes. Meanwhile trust and go forward.

Avoid focusing on them. In the fullness of time either the solution will present itself or a change in direction becomes apparent. In the meantime keep on praying without becoming anxious. Keep your focus on the Lord and keep moving forward.

  • Avoid making a judgement regarding God during these times.

Many people become bitter toward God, because they pray for the situation to change and when it doesn’t they become angry at God.

This is a big mistake. Instead of judging God based on the situation, we should be viewing the situation through the lens of who God is.

We should remind ourselves that God is faithful. He is here by myside and He will work out this situation for my good. He has committed no evil by allowing me to go through this. I’ll trust him and believe that one day He will change the situation.

  • We need to remember that the Lord doesn’t promise us a life without difficulties.

One of the ways that the Lord uses to make us to become more like Christ is to bring difficulties in our lives. Most of the time he doesn’t rescue us quickly, but He offers us himself in the situation. What that means is that He will be with us.

It’s the same thing He told Moses, Joshua and others. I will be with you.

If He will be with us then who can be against us.

  • We will get to know God during the unfixable.

Most of us have a knowledge of God, but we don’t know God. When we go through an unfixable situation and see the hand of God guiding and bringing us through. We would never be the same. This type of knowledge only gets produced in us as the result of going through difficulties. There is no other way.


  • Finally 1peter 4:19 “…let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful creator while doing good”.



May the Lord be with you all



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