Who Made God?




One of our most read articles is entitled, “Who Caused God to Come into Existence”. This article was a conversation between an atheist friend and I regarding the origin of the universe. I thought it might be good to revise this article and add some more thoughts into it.

This friend was stating that the universe came to be as the result of the Big bang. I asked him “who caused the bang”. If at one point there was nothing, how do you get a bang without something or someone causing the bang? This contradicts the law of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect states that for every effect there has to be a cause. So based on this law how could you get a big bang without something or someone causing the bang? He could see the dilemma then he proceeded to asked me the question, “If the law of cause and effect requires a cause for everything then who caused God to come into existence”.

Has anyone ever asked you the question “Who made God?” I think sooner or later most of us get this question. There is a flaw in my friend’s statement that we could easily miss. The law of cause and effect states that everything that has come into existence requires a cause. Another word every effect requires a cause, not that everything requires a cause.

The problem with believing that the universe came into being without someone or something causing it is, that we have to believe in self creation. Self-creation is illogical. It cannot be. For something to create itself it has to not be and then somehow bring itself into existence! How can this be?

God is a necessary being. Even if we accept the theory of the Big bang, there has to be someone causing the bang and bringing the universe into existence. This is the only way that the Big bang makes any sense.

As to the question of who caused God to come into existence.

If we keep going back, we finally arrive at the place where one being caused the universe into existence. We call this the original cause or the first cause. Since this being is the first cause, it never came to be. As the result it’s not an effect, it has always been there. It was never created. In other words this being must be eternal.

If we contemplate about God bringing the universe into existence we can arrive at certain conclusions.

First: if God created the universe he must possess incredible power and might.

Second: God and the universe are not the same thing. God permeates the universe but he is not the same as the universe.

Third: The laws of the nature and the universe don’t apply to him since he is the one that created them.

Fourth: since we see order and design in our universe and planet, he must possess a mind and a will.

There could be many other attributes that we could think of if we meditate on the truth of God as the creator. To me this is the only way that makes any sense. If we observe order and design in universe there must be a designer.


May the Lord be with you all   spacespace

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