Superficial Spirituality

Have you ever wondered why doesn’t the Lord answer your prayers? In Isaiah 58 the Israelite wondered about the same thing. They fasted and humbled themselves possibly to have their voices heard on high but to no avail.

In Isaiah 58:3 they asked the question “why have we fasted, and you see it not? Why have we humbled ourselves and you take no knowledge of it?” have you ever felt this way?

From the outside they appeared to seek the Lord daily. They delighted to know his ways and delighted to draw near to God. If they did all of this, what then was the problem? Their problem was they were engaged in spiritual activities without inward reality.

They thought doing these activities in of themselves constituted spirituality, rather than doing these things because they wanted to follow God and conform to the things that please the Lord.

We could make the same mistake. We could study the bible, go to church and engage in spiritual disciplines without doing and living in the way that is pleasing to the Lord. This is an area where we could all go wrong.

We could reduce our spirituality to these discoveries and theological discussions and think that constitutes spirituality.

True spirituality constitutes biblical knowledge and conformity to it. I know, I for one, know more than what I practice. I was always stimulated by thoughts and ideas. But the danger is, to go from one idea to the next without allowing these truths to penetrate into our hearts and minds and bring ourselves into conformity to these truths.

Could it be, one of the reasons that the Lord does not answer our prayers is because our spirituality is superficial? Maybe we appear to seek the Lord and delight in his ways, but we are not willing to do those things.


May the Lord be with you all

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