How To Evaluate Our Lives

Recently I asked some Christian friends regarding the quality of their lives. I asked are you experiencing what you thought life would be like after becoming a Christian. Most of them said to be honest no, we thought after becoming a Christian our life would be much easier, but it seems like it’s been one thing after another.

Then I asked do you like who you became?

Some of them didn’t know how to answer that question. They didn’t want to appear arrogant. But I asked them, if you were going too honestly look at yourself do you like the character qualities you see in yourself?

Most of them said yes. They felt like over time they became better people. As the Israelites journeyed through the wilderness they must have felt the same way. After seeing all the miracles in Egypt they must of felt like from here on out life would great.

But what a surprise! The first place they came to they couldn’t drink the water. After that, they became concerned about what they would eat and on and on. I wonder if we could go back in time and ask some of the Israelites the same question what they would say.

Maybe very similar to my Christian friends. We usually evaluate and determine if we had a good life or not based on the circumstances and events in our lives. If we had positive events, good circumstances and things worked out the way we thought they should, then we think we have had a good life.  

But, maybe we should evaluate our lives based on who we became rather than what we experienced. when we are adopted by the Lord he proceeds to discipline us. His method of discipline is to bring us into hard places to see what is in our heart, whether we obey him or not. To teach us that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

 In these hard places we learn that we are not adequate to live our lives by our own abilities. We need God. However these tough places leave their marks on us. If we evaluate our lives based on circumstances and how things turned out then we will be disappointed and misjudge God.

We need to see our lives through the lens of what the Lord desires to accomplish, then we see and interpret the events correctly. The difficulties that we are going through are not a surprise to Him. He knows, He is the one that allows them to come to us.

What we need to do during these hard places is to trust and do things his way. We need to be faithful regardless of how the circumstances appear.  We should not allow the situation to intimidate us into a course of action that is contrary to the Lord and his ways. In due time the Lord will either change the situation or show us the way out. However we should always accept the results even if it’s contrary to what we hoped. Through it all the Lord is changing us to become more and more like Jesus.

 We were made to be the image bearer of God. When we become more like him we will see qualities that we like. These qualities are developed by God as we go through hard circumstances and are faithful to him. Then we inwardly like who we have become.

Do you like who you have become?



May the Lord be with you all


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